Deceased Nissan S13 Owner Has Car Crushed

When John posted a funeral flanked by a pair of Datsun 240Zs, it was a dignified affair, and the enthusiasts who had passed got a lot of respect. In this case, the deceased owner of this Nissan S13 decided that he had built his car exactly how he wanted, and in the words of his friends, “No one wanted a punk ass 16yr old to be driving the car around that he finished the way he wanted it before he died.. so instead of it getting picked apart in a junk yard.. crush it…”

Maybe because JNC is all about preserving historic cars, or maybe because a two-tone pig-nose — single-cam and all — coupe unadorned with drift decals and big wings is my personal idea of a perfect (and increasingly difficult to find) S13, but dying wish or not, this still pains us to watch.

[Vimeo via Jalopnik]

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10 Responses to Deceased Nissan S13 Owner Has Car Crushed

  1. cesariojpn says:

    You forgot the follow-up:

    “Tim was a good friend to many, and an asshole to the rest. He didn’t tolerate morons, ricers, idiots. He was a mechanic by trade, loved cats, fishing, and liked driving his car. He was young when he died, and sudden also. And yes it is true, he mentioned many times that he never wanted anyone else to drive his car. So for those of you who don’t get it, respect a dead man’s wish. Money from friends and car shows were donated to the SPCA in his honor.”

    So in a sense, this guy was a total bigot like Archie Bunker. And pretty much painted us “reasonable” car enthusiasts as “ricers.”

    And the last line…..feh. I find it ironic that they crushed a car that could’ve netted several thousand extra dollars to the SPCA. Money that could’ve fed many abandoned cats and give them new homes. Such a pitiful way to justify the crushing.

  2. Nigel says:

    Part of what we stand for is the saving of old things, however the differing opinions of
    people is what makes the world interesting.

    Sometimes we can only stand aside.

  3. Tyler says:

    I don’t care how good a friend I was, I couldn’t go through with that. I know my friends wouldn’t do it to Freja either.

  4. 2000gtx says:

    why would you even post that….massive retarded…not what i wanna see when i come to this site .we want to see cars get saved not destroyed….the guys dead. do you think it really matters what happened to the car….

  5. Jyap says:

    I kinda agree with what 2000gtx said about how cars should get saved not destroyed and how he did not want idiots to be driving his car, but he could have left a legacy by doing something better to the car like donating it to the museum or something. Atleast future generations would be able to know something he left. Though its still his wish and decision..

  6. yhlz says:

    um…why not just give it to some one that is NOT and idiot??? (o_@)

  7. w says:

    Awesome vid… Thats one more off the road, now how many left?

  8. Chris says:

    hahah yep, we got a domestic car troll. ^

  9. merkster 1 says:

    as an s13 owner myself if they didnt want a retard to drive it,,shoulda parted it out and sold it stock?? lol.. or one of his homies should of picked it up??

  10. peter harrison says:

    i hate cars getting junked for no reason – i hate demolition derbies – i love the blues brothers except for all the police cars that were destroyed – even the lowly Yugo should be allowed to live out its’ painfully miserable existence – and you know they are going to be collectible – just like Isettas and Messerschmidts ( which are getting $20K+ at auction) for a car that you cannot even drive on a freeway !!!!

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