Debut! Hayashi Racing tires for all your Kaido Racer needs

Mention the Hayashi Racing name to any J-tin enthusiast, and they’ll think of wheels. Hayashi Racing was the first to cast aftermarket wheels in Japan, but the true heritage of the marque, is as a racing car manufacturer. In 1967 Hayashi-san made the decision to cast his own wheels, when he couldn’t find suitable ones for his Carman Apache race car.  And 51 years later, the lack of suitable tires for the more extreme Hayashi wheel sizes, has led Hayashi-san to branch out into his own tires.

What you see here is the new Interspeed 00R by Hayashi Racing.

Initially only available in 245/30-14, it looks great on wheels from 10-12 inches wide.

Anyone with 14in wide wheels finds it a struggle to get good tires in the right sizes, but these are perfect for your bubble-flared kaido racer, and look awesome for that set of 14×11.0 Yayois or Techno Phantoms that you have in your secret stash.

The official size is 245/30-14 but the sidewall lettering is in the style of slick racing tyres that kaido racers tend to like.

The Interspeed name comes from a range of cool centrelock wheels that Hayashi made in the 1990s.

The tires are made by Nankang in Taiwan to their motorsport pattern, they’re DOT-legal worldwide and have a street-friendly but sticky treadwear rating of 180.

Price per tire is Y38,000 each before shipping, and more sizes will be made, depending on demand.

It doesn’t get any cooler than tires made by JDM wheel royalty, and a set of these would be the perfectly classy finishing touch to any nostalgic J-tin build!

Interspeed by Hayashi Racing tires are available only at selected Hayashi Racing outlets around the world:  Secret Factory in the USA, Lonely Driver in Canada, GT-R Heritage Centre in the United Kingdom, and Barrel Bros in Australia.

Secret Factory USA:

Lonely Driver:

Barrel Bros:

GT-R Heritage Centre:

For any international dealer enquiries, get in touch at

Word is that Hayashi Racing has some exciting new wheels returning in the near future, so keep an eye out on the Hayashi Racing pages on Instagram and Facebook.

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12 Responses to Debut! Hayashi Racing tires for all your Kaido Racer needs

  1. Nigel says:

    Very nice !!

  2. Michael Jue says:

    Slick gumballs! I can feel the g-pulling just looking at ’em. Grab your helmets!

  3. Censport says:

    Well this is awesome news!

  4. Spirit Road says:


  5. LB1 says:

    Slick slicks!

  6. Guy Martin says:

    Looking for tyre
    Sizes are
    Hopefully you guys can help out
    Cheers Guy Martin

  7. Alex Gut says:

    If Nankang went and made these in all sizes the R888 are available combined with a regular Nankang price tag, they’d have an instant winner on their hands.

  8. Ray says:

    If there made by Nankang then they can keep it. I still don’t understand people who make nice cars yet put shit tires on them. Tread pattern is nice but that’s about it.

    • Madis Müür says:

      Ray, I know Nankang makes cheap tires also, but have you ever read reviews about nankang track tires??? tends to be far far away from shitty tires man..
      Unfortunately i can’t afford the new model AR-1 :/

  9. Steven Wright says:

    Guy Martin check Hoosier racing on that 15inch size I think they make some thing close to that!

  10. Papa Blue is Balut Vendor says:

    I wonder how many people placed their orders already? Tires look very great.

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