Deal with the Devil Perhaps?

s30_wangan_model.jpg If you’ve got a spare US$560 floating around, you might like to head over to Yahoo! Auctions Japan and place the opening (and probably the final) bid on this customised Wangan Midnight S30Z model, which I think is 1/18 scale. My Jada 240Z is 1/24 and that’s already big enough to sit prominently on the shelf. Buy yourself an early christmas present, moneybags.

Click: Translated original auction page.
Click: Translated grandJDM mirrored page.

[via JDM Ego]

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2 Responses to Deal with the Devil Perhaps?

  1. Kev says:

    So if it’s anything like the original it will constantly drive itself off your bookshelf? 😀

  2. Lachy says:

    By the size of the wheels I’d say this is a 1/24 too. 1/18 plastic kits are pretty hard to find!

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