Datsun Cherry 100A in Up And About Again

datsun cherry 100a up and about again
“On the horizon, a sweet graceless creature appears, a Datsun 100A, propelled by a cloud of dust.” This is the description of the Finnish art film called Up and About Again, in which said Datsun meanders through some kind of 10-minute artistic statement too abstract for us to get. Those more trained in the ways of modern art can learn more here.

Hat tip to mikko1200.

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14 Responses to Datsun Cherry 100A in Up And About Again

  1. Bob says:

    Is there anywhere you can watch this?

    I agree, it all reads a touch ridiculous.

  2. bert says:

    Soooooo……….is this one of those still motion pictures, where you flip the pages as fast as you can to see the picture move? I’m having difficulty flipping my computer monitor fast enough!

  3. bert says:

    BTW-That Cherry looks like it has frostbite!

  4. Ben says:

    Bob – not that I know of…

    Do you know, Matt?

  5. Bob says:

    Apparently, the car being completely frozen is part of the artistic statement. From what I’ve read online, the artist who created this is not a car person at all and was looking for a haggard ’70s car to use for this project. Apparently it dodges explosions and loses a wheel in this film as well.

    One things for sure, it has to be less strange than the Cremaster Cycle films. THOSE are some seriously weird art movies. And I’m still rather perturbed over the Chrysler Imperial demolition derby scene.

  6. bert says:

    Uh…Ben would you care to elaberate on what you mean by “scrotum hoist”?!!!

  7. Bob says:

    He means exactly what he says. 😆

    Don’t waste your effort watching them, they will give you nightmares. Most of it isn’t dirty at all, just strange beyond all comprehension.

  8. bert says:

    Thanks for setting me straight guys-next time I accidently sit on myself, I’ll know I need to have my cremaster checked?

  9. Ben says:

    I just love the diversity of topics that suddenly pop up here! 😆

  10. bert says:

    “Suddenly pop up?!” thats a bad pun Ben!

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