PRODUCT GUIDE: From the creators of Rocket Bunny, a new widebody kit for the Datsun 620

In the race to find the next hot kyusha to widebody, TRA Kyoto has unveiled its latest creation, the Pandem kit for the Datsun 620. 

These renderings were posted online by TRA Kyoto head honcho Kei Miura over he weekend. Miura, of course, is the creator of the Rocket Bunny Pandem Z kit, the Boss kits that turn FD RX-7s into RX-3s, as well as the Boss kits that now adorns every S14 at SEMA. You can see the family resemblance.

The Pandem 620 is quite subdued when compared to some of the tuning house’s other creations, opting for thin flares that don’t take up a lot of real estate on the cars’ body. The core of the 620’s design is still visible underneath; it just looks a lot more racey with a roll bar and front spook.

Opinions on the more extreme wide body kits are often split. Datsun 620s are not too rare (yet) so this could be a way to customize a well-worn workhorse. What do you think of the new kit?

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17 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: From the creators of Rocket Bunny, a new widebody kit for the Datsun 620

  1. Nigel says:

    I see a 1/24 620 in the future on my bench ! Very nice.

    • nlpnt says:

      Round 2 is reissuing the old MPC annual, which comes with separately molded, optional widebody flares and period wide wheels (modeled after chrome-plated Jackman wagon wheels iirc).

  2. Hutch says:

    Love this thing.

  3. Randy says:

    Cool, but 3 questions:
    (1) Will they fit on a 620 CAR?
    (2) Are they flexible enough to be put on something else?
    (3) Where does one FIND a 620 car or truck in the road-salt-ridden northeast?

    I’ve never heard of a spoiler being referred to as a “spook.”

    (Obviously, I’d only do this on a ratty one.)

    • Ben Hsu says:

      The 620 was a truck only, unless you’re talking about one of those Taiwanese wagons we recently posted about. In which case that would be awesome.

      • Randy says:

        Maybe it was that wagon… I could have SWORN I’d seen a 3-box sedan with that 4-headlight front end… Hmmmm… Brain fart.

        Those pieces do make me think, though…

    • Jim says:

      Also, I believe Spook was the brand name of the BRE style spoilers used on the BRE Z’s and 510s

    • Brock says:

      Spook is an amalgamation of the words “scoop” and “spoiler”. The original BRE spook was an air dam and brake cooling ducts integrated into one unit, an unusual thing back then.

  4. John Williams says:

    Now I’m going to have to start shopping for a 620.

  5. alan says:

    would it include whole front quarters do you think?

  6. Steve says:

    I’ve always liked the styling cues on the 620. The proportions. Styling touches like the “bullet” line. The shape of the front of the hood. The curve of the tailgate. Every now and then I think about buying one even though I already have a Toyota pickup. But logic always prevails…

    I don’t know if I like those flares, though. I’ve seen some really nicely done flares on this body style but I mostly prefer the stock fenders/bed with tires tucked underneath. These kind of remind me of the 4″, flat flares you could get back in the day to cover the “big ‘n little” tires under the raised up rear end of “surfer truck” style…

    • M1abrams says:

      I agree. The 620 was stylin’ back in the day for such a small utility trucklet. Though I’ve always felt the hump on the door top edge should have continued running along the top of the truck bed edge (with hidden hooks).

  7. Rob says:

    If or when they do a Hakusa Kit for the Datsun Sunny B112 then they can talk to me ?❤️

  8. Socarboy says:

    Ahah the Datsun 620 IMO the coolest of the early Japanese compact pickups.

  9. nathan says:

    do you have a CAD model of the 620?

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