Yurt it up with a Datsun 620 King Cab camper

We just learned about a new Japanese magazine that we are now obsessed with. Outdoor Aso-Kuru, which roughly translates to “vehicles for playing outdoors” is all about cars and trucks that have been modified for camping, and the photo that brought us to it was this Datsun 620 with a custom wooden home on the back. 

You will note that despite being located in Japan, this is a US market Datsun 620 King Cab. Repatriated cars have a lot of appeal to a certain subset of Japanese enthusiasts, and a patina’d example of an American-spec workhorse truck pushes all the right buttons. The owner, who goes by @backyaadman on Instagram and clearly has an eye for design, and has created one of the coolest camper tops we’ve ever seen.

Based on an informal poll taken on the streets of California, once-common Datsun campers seem to have all but vanished while Toyota-based examples still roam. Of course, those Chinook-type campers offer a lot more space, but they always make the truck look like they are buckling under the weight of a small house. With overlapping wood and a curved aluminum top, what this one lacks in room is made up for in style.

Best of all, he has a fellow camping buddy with a Datsun 521. Outdoor Aso-Kuru features plenty of other cars — Hiaces, HiLuxes, Jimnys, and more. As someone who has recently been bitten by the off-road bug, this is relevant to my interests.

Thanks to Hideki K. for the tip!

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