For absolutely no reason for it at all, there’s a Datsun 510 is in this Little Caesar’s ad

In a new Little Caesar’s Pizza commercial, the butt of an orange Datsun 510 peeks in from stage left. It is an example of “oddvertising” and the primary thing featured, in this case a combination telephone-saxophone, is not the thing being sold. Instead, you get this pastiche of strange artifacts — a CRT television, a mid-century coffee table, and one of the greatest sports sedans ever made.

The items seem to conform to a general theme of being both orange and vintage, and it mostly works. Well, except for the modern, large-diameter wheel and low-profile tire that’s peeking out from under the car. Also, the Datsun is probably wondering why it’s not in the garage instead of that Weird Al Yankovic-looking guy in pleated pants. Still, it’s kinda cool that the Datsun makes a cameo, no?

Thanks to Jeff Koch for the heads up!

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6 Responses to For absolutely no reason for it at all, there’s a Datsun 510 is in this Little Caesar’s ad

  1. Socarboy says:

    IMO Nissan needs to take a page out of Mazda’s play book (concerning the forthcoming RWD Mazda6) and make a new “poor man’s BMW” an fun driving RWD sedan with a manual and a traditional automatic and call it the 510. This might be the very thing needed to spark interest in Nissan and the sedan market as well

  2. BlitzPig says:

    A “modern” 510 would get me into a Nissan dealership for a look see, something no other car in their current lineup could do.

  3. BlitzPig says:

    Well I hope that you keep trying, and that the bean counters at the top get a clue some day.
    Being an enthusiast at a major manufacturer is a frustrating thing, I knew some folks that worked on the C4 Corvette, and they were thwarted at every turn to make it a better car for us.

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