Datsun 240Z & Nissan 370Z, Then and Now

Last week we posted on a Father & Son sneak preview of JNC Issue 3, in which we compare and contrast a Datsun 240Z with a Nissan 370Z. Soon after, Gregg Rogers, president of the Desert Z Association of Arizona, sent us these photos.

According to Gregg, in October 1969 Nissan took a pair of pre-production Datsun 240Zs to Arizona for testing, along with a 510 for support. The photo on the left was taken in Phoenix’s Greyhound Park as Nissan’s drivers paused to look at a roadmap. Nearly four decades later, Nissan was back in town promoting the 2009 370Z in a cross-country multi-city tour called Follow the Nissan Z. Local Z enthusiasts seized the opportunity to re-create the 39-year-old photo at the very same location in Greyhound Park.

As you can see, the large building in the background is now gone and a tree stands where lamps used to be. And the 240Z and 510 has been updated with a duo of 370Zs and Maxima. We love these types of Then & Now photos, and this one was brilliantly executed. Got some cool historic photos like this? Let us know!

Thanks for the pics, Gregg! You can read more at NicoClub.

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5 Responses to Datsun 240Z & Nissan 370Z, Then and Now

  1. Dan says:

    now THAT is cool!

  2. Pickle says:

    Awesome pictures, they even put three guys standing in the same position and doing the same thing in the “now” picture like they did in the “then” picture.

  3. That’s awesome, I love it. I really think the new 370z is the best looking Zcar since the 240z S30 shape.

  4. Kimico says:

    Nice touch. Lots of memories. Great new car.

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