Datsun 1200, Can You Feel the Love?

One of our favorite posts over at Jalopnik is Murilee’s Down on the Street series, in which he photographs random interesting cars just sitting curbside in the city of Alameda, CA. There’s already been over 250 such sightings, not all of them well preserved, but all of them worthy of retrospect. Today’s just happens to be a very clean Datsun 1200, and 1200 owners should be beaming with pride when reading the outpouring of love in the post’s comments. Click here for our own forum thread of JNC reader sightings.


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  1. austin white says:

    damm this local shop had one in their backyard and me and a few buddies where gonna buy it for $300, it started right up too.. but being the brokea$s we are, we never went through with it.. i wonder if they still got it.

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