CSF Boss Oil Cooler

Do you have a shakotan build and want an external oil cooler that isn’t from a junkyard or some sketchy eBay seller? Luckily enough CSF has released their new BOSS External oil cooler. Originally designed for the Rocket Bunny S14 body kit, it is a universal part that will look just at home on your X60 Cressida as it does on your S30 Z car.


While the $339 MSRP may seem a bit high especially relative to the old RX-7 oil coolers, the reliability and finish of a 30 year old part picked from a parts car or junkyard could be questionable. There are other options that work but most are designed for internal use only or, in the case of a lot of eBay brands, aren’t designed at all, raising the question of durability.

The CSF oil cooler was designed with external use in mind first, so a rock flying up from the tire of a truck in front of you will likely only leave a dent, not turn your car into a land-borne Exxon Valdez. Finally, it looks really awesome when you see the detail work.

CSF Boss Oil Cooler Close Up

For those of you who don’t recognize the name, CSF is a high-quality American aftermarket brand originally founded in 1945 and they have the unique achievement of having been the first brand to offer aftermarket radiators for Japanese imports in the American market in 1975. If you look closely they have their old school logo on it as well. It seems with the rise in popularity of JNCs and shakotan style being referenced now more than ever for inspiration, it is a back to its roots for CSF.

Blue BOSS S14

Currently this particular design is only being sold in limited quantities. Hopefully the popularity of this oil cooler design will lend itself to being a full production item. With tank-to-tank dimensions being 20.48″ length x 4.72″ height x 2.17″ width, the sizing is perfect to fit on the front of a Hakosuka or S30. On top of sizing it also has -10AN connections which are the most common size for most oil filter sandwich plate kits.


If you are in the market for an oil cooler of quality give CSF a call and see if you can get your hands on one of these before they sell out. Contact information is available on the CSF website.

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  1. goodshow_aa says:

    Can also be mounted universally, another big thing is most people that purchase the rx7 oil coolers do not go through the trouble and cost to have them professional cleaned. Last thing you want is to have a foreign object make its way into your engine from the original owners engine, wear or failure. Also it is a dual pass oil cooler for improved cooling.

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