GRAND TOURING: Crossing the country in a bone stock Datsun 510

dh9665_Datsun 510 stock

You thought you drove a long way to get to JCCS? Meet Randy Lewis. Earlier this month Randy purchased a barn find 1972 Datsun 510 in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and drove it 2,500 miles to his home in Phoenix, Arizona. Then he drove it another 400 miles to Long Beach for the big show. 

We had followed his day-to-day exploits on NICO Club, and were glad to see the car in all its glory on the lawn at Queen Mary Park. The one-owner car had only 49,000 miles, remains all-original, and had not been registered or driven since 1997. Read the play-by-play of his journey to JCCS while we sift through nearly 2,000 photos.

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5 Responses to GRAND TOURING: Crossing the country in a bone stock Datsun 510

  1. Kelly Greenidge says:

    Wow great story with randy and his friend.

  2. Bluebird 51 says:

    Randy stopped by my house in Ohio on his way home!

  3. Joshua Mead says:

    Man I drove a 73 mitusibishi from san francisco to michigan and didn’t get a mention on JNC, then drove an 87 mitsubishi from LA to michigan and still didnt get a mention 😉

  4. Tyler says:

    Holy crap, that thing is clean. I wonder how it feels to put 6% of the total mileage on the car in what sounds like a couple weeks. Will take a gander at the account!

  5. pstar says:

    Really? You feel the need to go to kinkos and have a big signboard made up for “your” car that you’ve had since “earlier this month” to display it, as if the car has some long fascinating history with you??? Instead of having date limits for cars maybe shows should have minimum ownership times to keep out the trend bandwagoneers, “bought not built” types, and all the other posers and wannabes. The only thing that could make this attention-seeking tool Randy’s story more shallow is if he trailered the car in.

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