Coolest Business Card Ever?

We were brainsstorming business card designs recently and came across this Nissan Skyline PGC10 themed one. Turns out it’s for Intersection Magazine, which does not necessarily have a lot of J-tin content, but does have killer photography and art direction. As far as we know, the hakosuka never raced in gulf colors, but apparently this is what it’d look like if it did. And was made of origami.

[Designer Daily]

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7 Responses to Coolest Business Card Ever?

  1. Rob says:

    Rad. really rad. rarely a word used to describe business cards; but this time it’s necessary!

  2. Bob says:

    That is sweet. Intersection is an interesting mag, but having subscribed once, it took them 6 months to send me my first issue and I only got 2 out of 4.

    Kind of sounds like another magazine, hmmm….. 😆

    I’m just ribbing. :hug: Eagerly awaiting issue 4, even if it comes next year…

  3. Mr.L.J. Nordvik says:

    Ooh! Gulf racing livery and everything! 😀

  4. j_c says:

    You can make your own Datsun 510 and Roadster with your own colors here:

    I hope Intersection hasn’t died, they have a nice, alternate view to the auto industry than other car magazines. Their retro articles have featured old JDM tin like the Silvia, Mazda R360, and Honda S360.

  5. I’ve seen that magazine, very interesting. It seems to be a cross between a standard car mag and an art mag. Kinda cool.

  6. Goki says:

    I’m SOOO gonna design my own…..510 wagon!

  7. Julian says:

    cool business cards, the cutout theme is quite popular.
    I design business cards and logos for a living, and you don’t get normally
    clients going for something this cool.

    I designed my dad’s old workshop business cards using 1970 mark one escort,
    I’m trying to convince him to put his old Rx4 on the next ones.
    designing bc’s is very enjoyable design, if the client is up for something unique.

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