PRODUCT GUIDE: Complete FRP Datsun 240Z body

So this is rather insane. UK-based FRP Automotive has developed an entire Datsun 240Z body made of, you guessed it, FRP (fiber reinforced polymer). The company offers the entire body, or individual panels including doors, hood, trunk and fenders. Now you can build the Frankenstein hybrid or circuit weapon Z of your choice without dealing with the dreaded iron oxide cancer.

Datsun 240Z FRP body 03

According to the company’s website, the FRP bodies are designed to “out perform the original steel shell with regards to strength and stiffness.” A steel tube skeleton forming the structure of A-pillars, firewall and roof is hidden beneath the laminate skin.

Like the original steel-bodied Zs, the door sills and rear quarters are enclosed by two sheets of material, but in this case FRP has filled the space between with foam cores for better rigidity.

The FRP Automotive website indicates how much it would cost, and it makes sense in the damp rust-prone climates of England. With the addition of the FutoFab 510 body panels, we are seeing the beginnings of an industry supporting complete ground-up JNC builds like the kind Mustang and Camaro enthusiasts have enjoyed for years.


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29 Responses to PRODUCT GUIDE: Complete FRP Datsun 240Z body

  1. Louis Fong says:

    Would love to have a TA22 Celica for this!

  2. Dankan says:

    Hmmm, ground-up, home-built Z you say…

  3. Negishin no Keibajo says:

    My first real Japanese sportster was a 73 240-Z. Not the most desirable of the 240’s, but hey, it’s all a college student could afford. Further influencing the price tag was an interior that a German Shepard has absolutely demolished. A mere four years after the car was made, I was shocked to find rust along the bottom of the door (one of a few drain holes plugged). I made a gallant and pretty successful attempt to change the door skin (tough job to get just right) and repaint the car. That’s when I really appreciated professional restorers and fiberglass. Another note for those of you putting on those Acrylic Headlight Covers; be real careful drilling the stuff. Warm ambient temperatures and a plexiglass drill bit from Tap Plastics will avoid cracking that brand new cover (yep, I did it…).

    This body offered looks very interesting. There’s a little man in the back of my head whispering to return to the Z. Forget the sport (and errant door drain)aspect; it was simply the best and most reliable car I have ever owned (180,000 miles).

  4. Claire says:

    For more information, price list, customer and current photos, please have a look at our facebook page: as the website is in the process of being updated

    Claire & Craig at FRPAutomotive

    • Ben Hsu says:

      Hi Claire, Thanks for creating something to support the enthusiasts out there. It must have been quite an undertaking. The community appreciates it!

      • Claire says:

        Thanks Ben, its been a labour of love definitely!!! We’ve been Z owners for over 20 years, and started our own FRP company almost 16 years ago now…The 2 went hand in hand, and what started as a need to create panels for our own car, became part of the business 6 years ago.

      • kevin says:

        hi ben are you still saleing the 240z shells

  5. Sean Dezart says:

    Simply the tip of the iceberg from a genuine Z lover, reduced shipping for us in Europe and no customs taxes either.

    Great after-sales service and why our club works with them for high-quality, discounted parts and panels for our +1250 members.

    Negishin : EVERY 240Z is desirable and becomming ever more so – there aren’t many over here so to own one is a priviledge.

    • Negishi no Keibajo says:

      You’re very right. I do remember, however, I had tuning & balancing the Hitach (faux SU) carbs down to a science. A bit finicky to get just right. I could do it on a lunch hour in a suit & tie! The earlier ones were less finicky (lesspollution controls).

  6. K T Ruin says:

    Good stuff. I already ordered a complete shell and panels! Can’t wait to get started!

  7. mideng says: for ae86……

  8. this is nice but honestly for guys like me who prefer to keep it a bit closer to the original it would be nice to see more high quality metal panels reproduced. im mean OEM-quality panels.. nice anyway 😉

    • Sean Dezart says:

      JDM – you live in a country that is obsessed with being ‘standard’ but you like others must know the ways around the rules. 🙂

      The easy reply is go out and do it – have them made ; if you have the confidence that they’ll sell.

      I’ve done the same process as Claire with exhaust manifolds, systems and rear boxes all in stainless steel. Started 4 years agao and I might turn a profit this year having supplied nearly 100x.

  9. Swami says:


  10. umar says:

    This should be done for the 1977 ta23 toyota celica would be awsome

  11. kanaric says:

    So is this like the complete chassis? Like I could just get a rusty car with good drivetrain, etc, and just bolt that onto this?

  12. jivecom says:

    Please do this now for a MkII Hilux – My poor Hilux is losing its battle with rust

  13. Kane says:

    This is awsome, so exciting that stuff like this is starting to appear.

  14. Randy says:

    Looking around their page, seeing the tube frame, etc., makes me think you wouldn’t register it as a Z, so how would it be registered? Kit car? “Replicar?”

    I think the safety regs wouldn’t apply for something you built at home…

    I don’t know if I’d use them for actually restoring an original, but even if it just serves to stop chopping up the ones that are left, it’s worth having on the market, and it’d be cool to see them done in the full range, from “secretary’s car” to “Le Mans champion,” or recreating the ’71 Rally car.

    SOOOOoooooo many possibilities!

  15. Thomas Baker says:

    Will this body fit on a GT-R CHASSIS?

  16. Wroth says:

    Dang, now I want one to put on a wd21 frame with a built vg34 and take it offroad racing…

  17. Jess says:

    Where can you buy this kit ??? That is cool ?? Web sit link ?

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