Can you identify these classic Nissan-shaped senbei crackers?

Say you’re a hard-core Nissan nut, you’re feeling a bit peckish, and a plain old non-Nissan snack simply won’t do. Fortunately for you, Nissan has officially issued a new line of senbei (rice crackers), one of Japan’s most popular munching options, in the shape of classic Nissan cars.

The senbei are a collaboration between Nissan, the city of Isehara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and Isehara-based snack company Tatsuya Bussan. Why? Well, Isehara is the site of the Nissan Technical Center, one of the company’s most important R&D facilities. Apparently, NTC wanted to support local businesses and tourism, something that is especially important during these challenging times.

The prototype department of NTC’s general research laboratory even used its CAD/CAM design and automatic cutting machine to make a die for the rice crackers. There are 24 shapes in all, 23 (ha!) Nissan cars and one of Mt Oyama, a famous mountain located in Isehara. From this image, it appears that all 24 shapes are cut from a single wheel, which is a pretty impressive feat in itself. Here’s a visual list of all 24 crackers.

To be honest, the shapes are kind of difficult to discern. It’s understandable, as it’s probably not easy to get the profile of a car just right when you’re dealing with something smaller than a quarter, and several times harder when that thing is made from a mashed up rice that is then baked. Can you guess what these cars might be? You can see some obvious ones like a Fairlady Roadster, Sunny Truck, Hakosuka Skyline, and R35 GT-R in there. Try to guess, then check out the answers and let us know how you did in the comments.

The Nissan senbei will be available at restaurants in Isehara city, as well as the Nakanihon Highway Service Area starting July 7. This certainly is one of the oddest press releases of the year, and may we remind you that this is a year when Yamaha released a series of crochet instructions for powersports equipment.

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7 Responses to Can you identify these classic Nissan-shaped senbei crackers?

  1. Scotty G says:

    Is the one on the bottom row, second from the left, an M10 Prairie?

  2. GeorgeL says:

    I got 13 right. ?

  3. harshith says:

    nissan loves making a the juke the best car ever even though it is most ugliest, nightmare car ever.

  4. nlpnt says:

    It’s also hard to be distinctive working strictly in profile. If I didn’t know going in that they were all Nissans I’d have identified a Ford Model T Tudor (or Fordor), Jeep CJ/Wrangler with hardtop, Mercedes 190SL W121, Scion xB1, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jaguar I-Pace.

    The B210 hatchback coupe and the Sunny Truck jumped right out at me, though.

  5. Tofu Delivery says:

    first column, first row: tesla cybertruck

  6. KEITH says:

    Third column, first row: Nissan Patrol 60 Series

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