Classic Japanese Show & Shine, Brisbane, Australia

isuzu bellet
A couple of months ago our friends in the southern hemisphere held their own gathering of nostalgics. And because everything is topsy-turvy down there, they occupied an entirely different circle in the J-tin Venn diagram. Look at the photo above. Those lucky blokes have multiple Isuzu Bellets at a single event while we make do with zero. JNC reader B1500boy was kind enough to post results from the Classic Japanese Show & Shine in Brisbane, Australia.

nissan cedric 1900
The lovely two-tone paint job on this Nissan Cedric 1900 is probably not original but we can dream that it is. Cedric 1900s were sold in the US via Nissan’s east coast distributors back in the day, but they’ve probably all rotted into flakes of iron oxide by now.

mazda rx-3 sedan
We get to see Mazda RX-3s stateside, but only in coupe form. You may argue that the sedan is less appealing, but this example’s extraordinary originality outshines many a blinged coupe. It must take an Aussie untold magnitudes of self-restraint to keep a rotary this authentic.

prince skyline gt-b
Before the hakosuka there was the Prince Skyline S50, the final model before the luxury automaker’s forced merger with Nissan. Another fine automobile in a non-zero amount.

daihatsu compagno spider
The Daihatsu Compagno Spider, built from 1965-68, could reach a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour (90 mph) with its 1-liter motor. You could even get a tonneau cover that covered all but the driver’s seat for that monoposto feel.

nissan sunny b110 datsun 1200
Okay, fine. The Nissan Sunny B110 or Datsun 1200 can be found in North America if you look hard enough. But this GX model shod with black Wats was tough enough to warrant mention. That grille badge is the equivalent of a swaggering Texan belt buckle.

mazda rx-2
Another admirable display of self control resulting in this stunner of a Mazda RX-2. It even has Venetian blinds for the rear window, a favorite automotive accessory down under.

See more photos from the event in the JNC forum.

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3 Responses to Classic Japanese Show & Shine, Brisbane, Australia

  1. colink says:

    great pictures as always

  2. Julian says:

    I missed it this year, very annoyed.

    that rx2 is on my dream garage list

  3. Sarcasmo says:

    Now, those are some OLD school rides. :O

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