Classic CM: Nissan Sunny Lexprix to the rescue!

The 1982 B11 Nissan Sentra was, even by the most generous metric, not a beloved car. Like most automakers Nissan had emerged from the Decade of Disco bruised, battered and choked with performance-sapping emissions equipment. The early Eighties were known for further crippling previously zippy rear-wheel-drive J-tin by transforming cars like the Sunny into a new generation of pullers.

But, the Eighties were also known for birthing the turbocharger! Perhaps the American B11 would not be so easily forgotten if we had received a Sentra-fied version of the 1982 Nissan Sunny Leprix Turbo, which had a 115hp version of the oddball E15ET motor and could apparently bust through colonial deco walls unscathed to foil Tommy-gun-toting kidnappers in a quasi-Western, quasi-1920s gangster orgy of American cinema tropes. But honestly, the Leprix had us already at first sight of its mirror-image “TURBO” grille. 

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9 Responses to Classic CM: Nissan Sunny Lexprix to the rescue!

  1. Killua says:

    This is so strange… just 2 days ago my friend showed me a very rare Sunny B11 Turbo Ninja that is for sale, a car of which I have never heard about.

    This must be a signal from the universe… I must tell him to buy it!

  2. Ben says:

    If you have pics, please post one of the “Ninja” stickers!!

  3. Hezath says:

    Phew, good thing they make the walls out of polystyrene over there! hahahaha. What an ad!

  4. f3ared says:

    Check out the wicked understeer at 5sec lol

  5. Drew3x says:

    Love these vintage japanese car commercials!

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