Classic CM: Mitsubishi Galant Lambda & Sigma Eterna

We’re always looking for Mitsubishi-related posts for the all-important job of keeping both Matt and the triple diamond mafia happy. To be honest, there isn’t much to this late-70s commercial for the Galant Sigma Eterna and Galant Lambda Eterna. But the rousing disco score and parking garage hoonage somehow make us feel nostalgic for RWD Mitsus and cop shows, so we can dig it!

Bonus points for ID-ing the background cars at 0:07.

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4 Responses to Classic CM: Mitsubishi Galant Lambda & Sigma Eterna

  1. banpei says:

    At 0:15 is a bit hard for me… I can’t even see the showroom well in this low res video. Are you sure it wasn’t supposed to be 0:07?
    At 0:07 the black car in the foreground looks like a Prince Gloria and the car in the background like a Hino Contessa Coupe (judging from the profile) or a Prince Skyline Sport.

    I also love the mid 80s Eterna CMs:
    Especially that misplaced Dyson look-a-like Cyclone promo! 😀

  2. bert says:

    There were other cars in this video? Maybe I need my prescription checked!?

  3. BlownArrow! says:

    F-ing sweet!……………………………!

  4. BAD-SIG says:

    Yes there should be more old Mitsubishis on this blog! If you’re after material, you are more than welcome to get some from my blog, but please mention my blog too. It’s dedicated to my 1979 Sigma SE and other Australian and overseas Sigmas and Scorpions!!

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