Classic CM: 1977 Mazda Cosmo AP

Don’t you wish car commercials still had a unique jingle for each model? Not only did the 1977 Mazda Cosmo AP (aka Mazda RX-5) have its own signature tune, there was a whole line of fashion accessories, including a belt, tie, umbrella and man-purse. What else do you expect from the height of rotary-powered luxury?

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9 Responses to Classic CM: 1977 Mazda Cosmo AP

  1. bert says:

    It looks like three commercials, for a horse race, a car, and old school man swag all crammed into 30 seconds!

  2. superdave says:

    I want that tie! The belt too! Ahhhhhh rotary paraphernalia!

  3. Bob says:

    I want a Cosmo belt.

    And a Cosmo.

    And that fine lady at the table. Mmmm.

    Cosmo makes me feeeeEEEeeeelllllllll….

  4. Kev says:

    So…buy a Cosmo…get a whole bunch of monogrammed rotary swag?

    Where do I sign!!

  5. Nigel says:

    Take a few stills from this one and you have the perfect ad from the 70’s, as seen in Road & Track.

  6. banpei says:

    I’m hungry now, so I would currently go for the popcorn! 😉
    And a Cosmo of course! 😀

  7. Lincoln Stax says:

    Did anyone else notice the horses weren’t real? They just glide past the camera without any up or down movement at all.

  8. bert says:

    @LIncoln Stax-I didn’t really pay much attention to the horses, as I felt they were irrelevent and somewhat stupid! The first part of the commercial made no sense to me!

  9. PFG says:

    You guys may think you have plumbed the depths of how Seventies this commercial is, but allow me to take you a little deeper: that’s Helen Reddy singing the jingle.

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