Chocolate, Like Shaving Body Is Very Cool: JNC Contest! (Sorta)


One of the challenges (hoho pun) for the keen internet JDM-hunter who is translating all of those wonderful JDM websites using Altavista Babelfish or Google Translator. But try this, and you’ll see that there are lots of words that don’t translate…but the beauty of the Japanese language is that these untranslatable terms are usually modified versions of the English equivalent. Our good friends at J-Spec Imports have a kooky sense of humour, which might explain this Google-translated offering on their mailing list:

So here’s the contest. once you get past the rather bizarre opening sentence about chocolate and body shaving, the challenge (hehe) is to translate all of the words in caps. For example DATCHICHARENJA = Dodge Challenger and obviously BIKKUBUROKKU = Big Block!

So get translating guys! If anyone gets a lot of the correct answers, we may put up a prize 🙂

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7 Responses to Chocolate, Like Shaving Body Is Very Cool: JNC Contest! (Sorta)

  1. kingofthering says:

    EDERUBUROKKU = Edlebrock

    BAKYUMUSEKANDARI = Vacuum Secondary?



    MOPAR PAFOMANSUFUERUPONPU Mopar Performance Fuel Pump

    FUERUFIRUTA Fuel Filter?

    Çã£á½û€¥à¾õHUGARETTO = Cigarette

    CHERIBOMU Cherry Bomb

    ENJINSUTATAPUSSHU Engine Start/Push or Push Starter (I’m guessing button a la S2000)


    PAWASUTEHOSU Power Steering Hose (debatable, since Muscle Cars didn’t have that kinda stuff)

    A lot of the other stuff are Manga-esque sound FX and some are Japanese phrases. What can I say? I have too much time on my hands. And a dying knowledge of Katakana.

  2. kingofthering says:


    PAWASUTE Powersteering

    And that’s it.

    After all, “Arse-up formula is only 72 years!”

  3. Kev says:

    Whoa! Very good effort there! Any more takers? 🙂

  4. TSiSS350 says:

    I would have to say TORAKUSHONBA actualy means – traction bars

    I dont see the rest of the list there though?

  5. Bob says:

    Why is it when I click the link I get a page in normal english? Where is this stuff you guys are seeing?

  6. Kev says:

    Haha….they deleted it! Boo!

  7. leongsoon says:

    No wonder, I clicked both links and found no untranslated Japanese words.

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