Celica May Return

zcars.jpgOpen a new car magazine and you’d be hard pressed not to find some sort of speculation regarding upcoming sporty Toyotas. Here’s a rundown of the rumors so far:

Supra – a version of Lexus’s upcoming LF-A supercar

Supra – the production version of Toyota’s FT-HS hybrid concept

MR-2 – a disguised mid-engined sports car spotted on a Toyota car transporter in Japan

Corolla GT-S – a true, $13,000, 100hp, successor to the AE-86

And now, there’s a report that Toyota intends to return the Celica nameplate to Europe in 2009. Of all places, this was only briefly mentioned in an Automotive News piece about Toyota’s opposition to placing a speed limit on Germany’s autobahns. There are no further details.

Could this be one of the above mentioned cars branded as a Celica for the European market, or something completely unrelated that could also make its way to the States? Only time will tell, but with this many rumors floating around, there must be some truth in at least one (and hopefully all) of them.


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