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Have a Bosozoku New Year with Hatsuhinode, First Sunrise Run

Did you spend your January first running from the cops? Then you are probably a fine, upstanding citizen because that’s the preferred New Year’s tradition of the bosozoku.

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True Gangster: Chinchilla Dash & Seat Covers

The chinchilla is a squirrel-like creature that has the misfortune to possess a thick, warm, velvety coat of evenly-colored fur. As a result, this native of the Andes Mountains region in South America has been nearly hunted to extinction. Around … Continue reading

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A Gaijin Looks at Japanese Modding Culture

We get so used to concepts like takeyari and tsurikawa it’s easy to forget that for some, it’s a mind-blowing world. Here’s a look at AOL Translogic’s tour of Japanese modding culture.

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Car Surfing on a Mazda Cosmo RX-5

The Jokers were one of Japan’s biggest bosozoku gangs in the ’70s and ’80s. What’s that? The┬áMazda Cosmo AP looks too close to the pageant winner of Japan’s 1976 Car of the Year? How about one with garuchan headlight covers, … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Another Bosozoku Crackdown

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do when the keisatsu put up an all-night road block and bring out the windowless paddy wagons on New Year’s Eve to clamp down on bespoilered bosozoku rides? Some tear off … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Bosozoku Crackdown!

Why are we so fascinated with the bosozoku lifestyle? Is it the outrageous rides, the demented hoonage, or the don’t-give-a-crap attitude? Here’s someone who is not fascinated: the police. In this footage from 1993, the Japanese constabulary put up an … Continue reading

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Mizuno Works, For All Your Kyushakai Needs

Need a gurachan spoiler and some wicked fender flares for your kenmeri Skyline? Swing by Saitama’s Mizuno Works, a shop specializing in bosozoku style bombers.

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Bosozoku Style Fo' Lyfe

Remember that Shako Hako we posted a while back? Reader Zeb found the source of the pic, which revealed a whole gallery of bosozoku style machines from way back in the day. How far back? Before the age of digital … Continue reading

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Bosozoku-Style Sharknose How-To

Should the urge to extend the hood line of your car into some kind of Death Race-style slicer suddenly overwhelm you, here’s a how-to using a Nissan C210 Skyline that’s been floating around for a while. Yes, now this bosozoku … Continue reading

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Friday Video: Police vs. Bosozoku

Are these the most ruthless cops ever or just an extremely dedicated crew of stuntmen? We don’t know, but if you want to see some patrol cars mowing down a gang of bosozoku while being filmed from the trunk of … Continue reading

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Arthur Garage, Used Car Dealer Manga

Here’s another car-based manga to add to your library in addition to Initial-D, Wangan Midnight and Garage Restore 251. It’s Arthur Garage, a series published in Kodansha’s Weekly Young Magazine. From what we can gather based on extremely limited Japanese … Continue reading

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A Visit to Daisuke Shoten

Our buddy over at Nori Yaro posted on a visit to Daisuke Shoten, a shop specializing in mad bosozoku style cars. It sits in a field of grass as tall as your shoulders and the only sign signifying its existence … Continue reading

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Random Bosozoku Video

Here’s something to keep you guys entertained while we head out to the final day of the SEMA MPMC conference.

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This is How the Bosozoku Roll

They say that the goose-step, ridiculous and inefficient as it may seem, became the march of choice for dictatorships around the world specifically because of its silly appearance. After all, only a terrifying madman could force thousands of able-bodied soldiers … Continue reading

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(Hayashi) Sakuras in Full Bloom

This weekend begins the National Cherry Blossom Festival in our nation’s capital. The sakura were a gift from Japan to the USA in 1912 and the first festival was held in 1935. We’ve seen some sweet old rides with the … Continue reading

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How To Stretch a Tire

So you’re an aspiring bosozoku looking for a that stretched tire look on your old school cruiser. You could go to a tire shop, but they might turn you away or scratch your super rare ultra-deep dish SSRs, and then … Continue reading

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