Castrol Toyota liveried Mustang wins NASCAR’s Goodyear 500 in Darlington

Dude, is this a Soopra? No, it’s a NASCAR Mustang running the same livery that adorned the Castrol TOM’s Supra in JGTC, and Toyota’s Celica GT-Fours in WRC before that. And as it happens, driver Brad Keselowski won the weekend at Darlington Raceway on Sunday. Did the retro livery help? Probably not, but it was definitely a sight to see the familiar red-and-green-on-white in the winner’s circle.

After 293 laps Keselowski crossed the finish line at the Goodyear 400 for his 36th career win. It was a hard fought race, especially since one of his closest challengers was fellow RFK Racing teammate Chris Buescher. According to The Drive, the victory broke a three-year drought for Keselowski, making it his first win in 100 races. We’re still shocked that team co-owner Jack Roush allowed the livery, which Toyota used from 1993 to 2001, in the first place. In the end the team got plenty of good press and a fairy tale ending out of it. Maybe next year we’ll see the Castrol Mugen NSX on Keselowski’s No.6 Mustang.

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  1. jeannie reed says:

    My 1987 Celica the BEST car ever. lasted 30 years.
    i wrote to chairman and CEO of toyota for thanking them for making my car, no joke.

    Bought used in 1994 for $4500.

    In the end, running great but could not afford storage in NYC.
    Donated her to the Automotive Dept at Northside High in St Pete Florida. so the kids could learn on a magnificent car.

    thank yu, toyota

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