Cash for Clunkers, UK Edition

uk_cash4clunkers Egad! As if the moist climate of  Ye Olde World hasn’t taken enough old J-tin, it appears that Cash for Clunkers programs are now being rolled out in the UK as well. In this piece titled “Money for old rope? Not quite. Money for an old Datsun? Maybe…” it says the government is looking to offer as much as £2200 for an old car, even though we know that our friends across the pond are masters at bodywork on rusty old machines. Just take a look at some of their projects in our forum and you’ll see the craftsmanship at work.

We’ve already seen programs like this in Germany, and some American states have them as well. How many nostalgics will be lost before this genocide is over?

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  1. Oyaji Gaijin says:

    Why is it that all the news stories covering this subject make comments like “getting big gas guzzlers off the road”, and show video of tiny econo boxes, that get 35+ MPG, being crushed?

    Isn’t there a maximum allowable fuel economy to qualify for these programs? I’m sure the writers and supporters of these pieces of legislature think they are going to get all the Hummers off the roads, but who’s turning in $50,000 luxury SUVs? And are the people turning in all the econo boxes required to buy vehicles which get higher fuel economy, or are they taking their $500 in to the luxury SUV dealership to use as the downpayment on a new Hummer?

  2. Ben says:

    Because the real reason is so automakers can get a boost in sales. They have convinced the average legislator that it’ll save fuel but they’re actually lobbying for the programs behind the scenes.

  3. Kimico says:

    That is are real shame. All those automakers want to get rich but they do no not realize the damage they are doing. When you get rid of a classic or old car that can be save by restoring it it is like getting rid of a piece of history. All I own are classic japanese cars and any legislature can offer me good money or brand new gas guzzler SUV and I will not accept any type of deal.

  4. DIASISS says:

    They JUST WONT STOP UNTIL WERE ALL GONE WILL THEY!!! its like theyre looking for excuses to destroy out heritage! and they are hitting us “urban oriented style carclubs” where it HURTS,OUR WALLET!

  5. DIASISS says:

    Its only A MATTER OF TIME before they find some CLEVER way to force this on us!…ive noticed lately that police are impounding old cars for seemingly NO REASON! my friends 1988 200SX SEV6 {only 10,000 EVER made and in america only} got impounded BY THE POLICE because he broke down on the SIDE OF THE HIGHWAY but it only sat there for around 4HOURS before they just TOOK IT!!! he had to pay around 400$ just to get it back! and im seeing this happen more and more…

  6. DIASISS says:


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