Cash For Clunkers, German Edition

Achtung! Ze Germans are getting in on the cash for clunkers program as well. The government is giving people who trade in an old car for scrap up to 2500 euros. In the first two days of the program’s existence, 420,000 people called in. Mein Gott! And lest you think there’s no J-tin in the land of BMWs and Benzes, think again.


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  1. I’m all for scraping old bombs, but not potential classics! 🙁

  2. banpei says:

    Here in Holland they proposed to do the same…
    I used to live in Amsterdam where they are trying to ban all cars which did not get the Euro 1 spec when built. So even if I would do an engineswap it wouldn’t matter anyway… They plan to do so starting from 2010 and offer people money to scrap their old cars.

    This also means older Euro 1 spec cars, like taxis, can still be driving around in Amsterdam. Older taxi give the same amount of pollution than 20 classics driving through town. Guess what’s the favorite taxi in Amsterdam? The 90s E class Mercedes-Benz diesel. |:(

    I’m very glad I moved away last year!

  3. MrHijet says:

    They call “old cars” which are 9 years or older. This program is limited to a limited amount of cars and is expected to be closed in may or june.

    The only positive thing I see is that more and more people see that the Daihatsu Sirion (Daihatsu Boon in Japan) is a reasonable well priced car.



  4. Ben says:


    Send us an email next time. We’ll be happy to link to you!

  5. Omawari_San says:

    The whole program is nonsense. You just get 2500€ less discount at the car dealer now. Everybody who had some talent in bargaining had no problem to get an additional 2500€ off.

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