Cash for Clunkers: A Small Victory for Our Side

sema We’re still catching up from last week’s SEMA MPMC conference, but one of the important things we learned there was that the recent threat of a national “Cash for Clunkers” program has been defeated. Yay! Thanks to everyone that wrote in protesting this vintage car destroyer of a bill.

However, a new bill is being introduced, which seeks to do the same to cars getting 18mpg or less of any model year. Most of our beloved nostalgics will be safe from this, but we’re reporting it as a service just in case you have some classic Detroit iron in your collection too.

When we told conference goers who we were, we often heard responses like, “Oh, I saw a mint Mazda RX-4 Wagon at the junkyard a few months back!” likely due to these types of laws. Heartbreaking! Some yards take an impact hammer to the engine block to every car that comes in under this program (or some other measure to ensure that the vehicle can never be driven again).

And lastly, we are reminded that even though the national program is defeated (for now), nostalgic-rich states like California and Texas still have active programs going on right now! So please, tell as many people as you can about these laws. But as we all know that money talks, so help us spread the word that an old Datsun or Toyota is something worth saving, something a collector would pay good money for, and not to be tossed aside.

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  1. joe says:

    yea people! ship your nostalgics to PA!!

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