Nissan Skyline and Honda City floating pens add some fun to your desk

Remember those “tip and strip” pens that were all the rage in the 70s? The pens had one image when lying flat, then changed when held upright for writing. They usually featured some quaintly scandalous image like a woman in a swimsuit, one that disappeared to reveal a nude when the pen was tilted. Now there are some these retro floaty pens for two of Japan’s most iconic cars, the Nissan Skyline and Honda City.

The Skyline pens come in four flavors for four generations: the KPGC10, DR30, BNR32, and BNR34. When tilted, the cars change from one color to another. These floating pens are made by Eskesen, the same company that invented the original concept in Denmark in 1946. These are Japan market exclusives, though, available on Camshop for ¥2200 ($16.40 USD) each.

The Honda City floating pens are slightly different but still cool. The images don’t change color but move to create a brief animation. When tilted, the popular urban runabout car releases a Motocompo motorcycle from the back. It’s a slick callback to the real car, which came with a foldable bike.

There are actually two parts to the pen. The first is of a rider lifting the Motocompo out of the trunk. Once they float behind the City logo, another piece has the rider on the bike riding away. These cost ¥1760 ($12.90 USD) and are also available on Camshop.

They’re not mind-blowing but might be just the thing to add to your office if you’re a fan of either car. Overseas shipping is available on both items.

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  1. Ian N says:

    Sooo…. it just BEGS the question:

    will there be one for the Daihatsu N a k e d ?

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