California to enact vintage license plate program

1968 Toyota Corona RT52 Hardtop Coupe 01

Great news for nostalgic car owners in California. The state has just announced today a new program that will allow classic car owners to get period correct license plates based on the year their cars were manufactured.

“Legacy” license plates can be issued in one of three styles corresponding to the model year of the car: black on yellow for cars built from 1963-62, yellow on black for 1963-68 cars, and yellow on blue for 1969-1981 cars. The application will cost $50 and the DMV is looking to receive 7,500 orders by January 1, 2015. If they can’t fulfill that quota, the program will be canceled and your half-Benjamin refunded. So go ahead and download the application form!

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12 Responses to California to enact vintage license plate program

  1. Steve says:

    Heh heh. Since I am the original owner of my 1979 Celica, my “vintage” plates will cost me nothing…

  2. Dax says:

    can I order it now?

  3. chin says:

    Of course they do this after I move out of the state. -_-

  4. kelly greenidge says:

    I might have to bust a magician trick with my military skills to get my 76 Cosmo these plates.

    • Dina says:

      That would be MY 76 Cosmo!! When you catch up on your payments and I send you the title.. Then it will be yours!! Until then the COSMO is still MINE!!!

  5. 2ndGenGuy says:

    If they do it like Washington does it, be prepared to get pulled over all the time by cops who don’t understand the laws. I’ve been stopped twice in the last year just for my “questionable plates.”

    • Brooks says:

      Luckily, we already know that won’t happen — California keeps the plates with the vehicle when it’s sold, and has no replacement laws, so there are already plenty of vehicles around with their original plates just like these.

  6. Brooks says:

    Oh, that’s interesting — as per the FAQ, they don’t require you to get a plate matching the year of your car. So, though I can’t get one of the sunrise plates that would be correct for my 1988 truck, I could get a blue plate for it that would be only a few years off.

    Also, worth noting is that these aren’t quite like the originals; they have to follow current laws and be reflectorized, for instance.

  7. Thomas says:

    I’m not really sure why someone would opt for this over a YOM plate, but the more choices we have, the better.

  8. cesariojpn says:

    So, money grab? California isn’t exactly money rich nowadays……

  9. Ken says:

    So unless these sell at full 7500, it’s like a 2 year long group buy with advance payment? Yeah no thanks.

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