C32 Laurel

Tsurikawa, check. Shako stance, check. Two-tone, check. Work Equip 03s, check. RB20DET? Possibly. Don’t get us wrong. We’re grateful for the Cressida, but sad that Nissan never brought this rival to the Toyota luxemobile stateside. There can never be too much 80s boxiness.


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5 Responses to C32 Laurel

  1. banpei says:

    We did get the C31 and C32 in Europe though, but unfortunately enough these hardtop models were JDM only. 🙁
    BTW is Iputinwork owned by Work?

  2. Datsunfreak says:

    Yes, it is part of Work wheels. It’s used to show off their products.

  3. Hooks says:

    Gotta love the ‘set square’ design path.

  4. Nigel says:

    I really like C130, C31 & C33, but this is one of nicest C32’s I have seen in a while.
    Thanks for the 4dr goodness. (Would have been a good rival for the Cressida.)

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