BRIDE racing seat face masks now come in red

Last month, our story about face masks by Japanese racing seat maker BRIDE became one of our most-shared items of the year on social media. Why? We have no idea. But since you loved them so much, it seems only fair to tell you that they are now available in red.

Everything else is exactly the same. The mask is made from excess material usually discarded during the seat-making process, and the company does warn that as a result, the BRIDE logo may not appear on exact same place on every mask. You an see on the side-by-side image below that the black one’s logo is a bit closer to the center of the mask.

Still, it offers four-layer construction that includes polyester, UV-protection fabric, and is said to remain cool even in Japan’s humid summers. The straps are adjustable so they reportedly don’t tug on your ears as much as elastic ones. BRIDE says the mask can withstand repeated washings, which is a good thing because it costs ¥3000 ($28 USD).

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4 Responses to BRIDE racing seat face masks now come in red

  1. Ian says:

    I am still waiting on Takata to make one… and the subsequent recall

  2. Drickerson Ngadan says:

    My I know how much for the bride face mask?


    LOL @ian

  4. Maxwell says:

    Those look like bra straps to me

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