BRE 510 Does 0-600% in One eBay Sale

A while back, this Datsun 510 sold on eBay for $13,000, a steep price for what appeared to be a BRE-themed Datsun 510 replica. Only, it wasn’t a replica. According to the seller, it’s a one-of-a-kind prototype for a Datsun factory program that would have allowed buyers to put together their very own street-legal BRE Trans-Am 2.5 510. Goodies include a Nissan factory performance 5-speed, BRE suspension package, mild cam upgrade, high volume oil pump, raised compression, American Racing Libre wheels, 1 of 3 alleged hand-built LSDs, and a slew of BRE badging.

This could have been Datsun’s equivalent of the Boss Mustang or Camaro Z/28, but unfortunately the program never got off the ground. The aftermarket parts developed for it ended up being sold through BRE or Interpart. The seller also says that there were several of these prototypes built, but this is likely the only surviving complete, 100% numbers matching example.

The original owner was purportedly once a middleman between Nissan USA and BRE. The car also comes with an explosion of memorabilia and some very nice NOS spare parts. But get this. With the car exactly as it was when it sold for $13,000, the price tag is now $65,000 with a BuyItNow of $79,000. That’s almost a 600% increase in price with just the discovery of its proper bloodlines, the passage of a few months and a yellow 240Z upholstered with a wetsuit (if that’s your thing). Google stock, eat your heart out. Thanks again to David of Motoring J Style for the tip!

[Source: Motoring J Style]

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4 Responses to BRE 510 Does 0-600% in One eBay Sale

  1. richard says:

    Must have something to do with the exchange rate, as it once was in the US, and has now been moved north here to Canada.

    Before eBay, it was posted on the local Vancouver, BC Craigslist for $49000, sans the Z.
    It spurred quite a bit of “conversation” on the local 510 forum (, and even a parody CL ad for three Datsuns for $49001. This ended with a flagging and reposting battle until both parties gave up.

    That’s when it appeared on eBay with the added car and higher price. His original purchase price of $13K I don’t have a problem with. It is an original 7000 mile car and came with quite a bit of goodies so the value is there. I just don’t know how moving it across the continent justifies the $49 000, or $79 000, price. Nothing has changed! (in the current economy, who is going to pay for a $50 000 510, and $30 000 poorly modified S30?)

    I know there are some good drugs up in this part of the globe, but this must be something extra special.

  2. Jnostalgics says:

    Hi Richard,

    Thanks for the local info about this car! Much appreciated. Do you have a link to the parody ad? Sounds hilarious! 🙂

  3. richard says:

    Both ads are long gone. They were both flagged and deleted within a day. Even the reposts didn’t last long.
    I wish I would have saved them, as a bunch of locals still want to see them.

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