Brand New MkIII Supra


Alright, so this isn’t strictly classic, but hey. It’s a slow news day.

I don’t know much about this car—suffice to say it’s virtually brand new, right down to the plastic sheets and covers over just about everything, and the sparkling new engine. With only 92 miles on the clock, this is probably the most pristine MkIII in existence.

Alas, at the end of the day, it’s only a MkIII. Forgive me if you’re a big fan, but come on. It’s got none of the style of the MkII (even with the shared hood), and it’s got the rubbish engine (which raises the question: Would you swap your old worn out 1JZ for this brand new 7m?). Someone find me a brand new MkII and then we’ll talk.


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  1. scott says:


  2. Organic Zero says:

    i would take it… considering that the best old jdm we can get here are eg6’s a mkIII supra is a lot better than that…

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  4. damn, that is one hell of a diamond in the rough………. if for sale, it must be really close to sticker price. Worth the buy if i had the money for it.

  5. djazem says:

    WHAT!!!! are you guys crazy….i would swap a 1jz for this think any day…who wouldn’t?? and about the rubbish engine……well you were right you dont no much about this car!

  6. first off, its very hard to find a 1j that clean and with that low of miles on the odometer. If i where to have bought this car right now, it maybe see the street at least 3 times and then its put away for a good while. After that, if it qualifies, I place it into auction at barrett jackson. I might be wrong about it, but hell, when would you find this car this clean? Even though it has the 7m-gte (pluaged with the head gasket issue), A supra is a supra, not seen much and definitely not to be played with.

  7. Questlove says:

    It might be hard in the usa to find a 1jzgte, but in Australia, you can pick them up at your local grocery (jk!, but you know what i mean). They are cheap, reliable, strong etc etc. The kms, no one knows, but ive done a transplant in an Altezza (IS200) and, had no dramas at all. That all being said, whoever said the 7m is sh1t, is a clown 😛 *VAN*! hehehe. Ok, the HG is definatley a problem, but once fixed, either, stock and re torquing to correct specs or aftermarket, (Which will even go if the torque settings are slightly out), the 7M is a gem. It can make more torque than the 2J and is strong, but not as strong. There is a 7m in a skyline built by Rigoli in Australia, its a 7MGE, thatas been turbod…runs 9’s haha.

    So…yeah, Id keep it 7m, till the HG blows.

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