Bonus Vintage JNC Car Chase Video

While Seibu Keisatsu may be the quintessential JNC cop show, here’s another zany vintage car chase video floating around the internet. The following selection is from a movie but we’re not sure which title, so if you figure it out, be sure to reply.

With this one we get a little more graphic with a Crown HT in the role of a bank robbery getaway car. Watch for the for the bad guy taking off his sunglasses… it’s classic.

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6 Responses to Bonus Vintage JNC Car Chase Video

  1. I love watching actors saw the wheel back and forth over exaggerating every movement of driving.

  2. mister k says:

    trashing that yellow ’72 bluebird 4dr is criminal!

  3. Ben says:

    Not as criminal as the crown hardtop!

  4. coupeZ600 says:

    The guy in the Stout seems, well, rather determined. Found one of those on a ranch out here, and he was equally as determined, not to sell it. Bad Guys always have the best stuff.

  5. B1500boy says:

    Damn, my Stout won’t go like that! That baddie is just too cool with the repeated sunglass removals.

  6. Steve says:

    at 1:34 the driver takes a serious hit to the rear of his car – I dont think he knew that was coming!

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