Bonus Vid: Wangan Midnight 2009 Movie Trailer

Speak of the Devil Z! Here’s the trailer for Wangan Midnight, the manga, movie, video game and anime series that is now being rebooted with yet another remake on the big screen.

wangan_midnight 2009 movie

It’s the classic story of a high school student who finds a nearly complete, highly tuned Nissan Fairlady S30 Z in the junkyard. It’s dirt cheap but possibly haunted, and has a penchant for trying to killing its drivers. Sounds like a good deal to us!

Finally, he can live his dream of racing Skyline GT-Rs and Porsche Turbos on the wangan, the Bayshore Route expressway that stretches from Tokyo to Yokohama. But will the possessed car known as the Devil Z succeed in killing him or can he tame the beast?

wangan_midnight 2009 movie z

Judging from the cars, this clearly had little to do with the photo shoot we found on the web a while back. One gripe: couldn’t they have stanced it better with some bigger Wats? Let’s fill out those flares! And those tires… come on, guys, this is the wangan, not the Baja 1000.

Also, it appears to transform from a 2+2 in the junkyard scene into a 2-seater when it’s on the road. Now that’s devilish! But enough nitpicking. We can’t wait to see this. Nostalgic Nissan action is a rarity in cinema.

wangan_midnight 2009 movie poster

There’s a bunch of young actors in it but we all know that the real star is the Z-car. Is this not the coolest movie poster ever? Wangan Midnight opens September 12, 2009 in Japan. Unfortunately there’s no word on whether we will see it stateside.

Thanks to cesariojpn!

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14 Responses to Bonus Vid: Wangan Midnight 2009 Movie Trailer

  1. bert says:

    They had a little Fast and Furious thing going on at the end. If it does come stateside, it will probably be translated and the words won’t mach their mouths!

  2. zulu says:

    its great to be seeing this remade. i love the anime and the original movie even more. one thing though in the original they actually raced the cars on the wangan! though highly dangerous because of street racing it was realistic. this one has been speed up to look like they are going fast. they do it to most of the japanese themed car movies nowadays. this reminds me I need to buy special stage ( the movie with the 4wd starion) for my friend for his birthday.

  3. Bob says:

    Looks very cool, I must see it. 🙂

    Also, is it just me, or did it turn into an S130 around 1:34 during the first part of the rollover, then they changed angles and it was an S30 again?

  4. kyteler says:

    The wrecked at the start is a horrid 2+2, ewww. Still… Keen to see.

  5. sr-fairladyz says:

    Looks “meh” but the hero is an S30 so it’s “YEA!”

  6. Benny_Blanco says:

    For some reason I thought the movie was HK produced like Initial D … but they seem to be speaking Japanese 🙁

  7. big O says:

    You would think that in this day and age directors would try to make movies a little more true to life by filming real action driving scenes and not try to fool the audience by film trickery or not using the same kind of car throughout the movie. I would like to see ONE movie that does not do the above mentioned just once. Dont get me wrong ,I would still go see the movie but I still end up pointing out all the things wrong with the it OCD.

  8. Neil says:

    I really hope this never comes state side. Thats just what we need is a bunch of kids into the S30 driving the prices of them through the roof, sort of like the “takumi tax” on the AE86. Wangan Midnight is something I’d hate to see gain popularity with that crowd. I like it just as it is, unpopular and unnoticed, around here anyways. I know its pretty big in japan.

  9. Sr-FairladyZ says:


    I have to disagree. One of the main reasons JNC is online is to make these cars “popular” and “noticed” 🙂 ? …and for the folks that own these cars, making them more valuable and sought after is a good thing! – especially after all the time and money we have dumped into them. I say, bring it state side (which wont happen of course) and make my car a winning lotto ticket! lol

  10. Neil says:

    Fair enough, I guess thats another way to look at it. And these cars are already rare enough the kids wont be able to get a hold of them anyways to ruin them. I just don’t like what initial D has done for the AE86 crowd, or fast and furious driving up the supra prices. I will say that one good thing has come from those kinds of movies tho, and thats all the aftermarket support companies now offer due to the increasing interest in the hobby which is nice. But aside from that in my opinion its a bad thing.
    Maybe I’m still bitter from the fast and furious movies that put the wrong message out and create all the wanna be’s. I’ve always loved wangan midnight and initial D for there technical aspects. They are true to the real thing some what. Its not just a load of garbage with floor pans flying out for no reason.

  11. Rob says:

    i jsut hate seeing the real takumi tax…kids buying AE86s and 240sx’s and Tokyo Drifting them into a wall.

    That said, the s30 is such a cool car and just having a movie devoted to it is rad! I know its cheap and cheesy, but hey at least they’re trying to entertain us with something we like!

  12. sr-fairladyz says:

    Neil, BAHAH.. That floor pan malfunction makes me piss my pants every time I think about it! Though it would actually be feasible if it happened to a rusty ol’ S30 😉

  13. Komeuppance says:

    LOL… blue flames!!

    FnF is pretty much to blame for millions of ricers world wide. I watched the original at a drive in, anyone with a honda peeled out and started racing right out of the parking lot. I laughed so hard. But I love using quotes from the movie to make fun of others… haha. Tuna on white, no crust.

  14. dade280z says:

    They use the same car during the whole thing. But would you rather them wreck a 2 seater or a less wanted 2+2. I for one was sad when i saw an s30 flipping through the air and then relieved when i noticed it was a 2+2.

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