BIKES: Honda patent for electric Super Cub discovered

A patent for an electric Super Cub at the US Patent and Trademark Office has been unearthed. The patent looks like it was filed back in 2016, but was discovered by Autoblog this week. It contains an swapable battery pack where the gasoline engine would normally be. With news of an electric Motocompo in the air, perhaps Honda is considering a push into electric bikes based on two of their most iconic two-wheelers.

Back in 2009, Honda showed a Super Cub EV concept at the Tokyo Motor Show. Without having to house the engine, the center section of the frame was much slimmer, but the look was unmistakably Super Cub. It was futuristic but with strong inspiration from the original Super Cub.

In 2015, Honda showed another EV Cub at the Tokyo Motor Show. This version not only hewed much closer to the traditional Super Cub design, but almost seemed production ready. After the show there was a bunch of hubbub saying that the EV Cub would be released in 2018, but that time has come and gone with no appearance of an electric cub.

The idea of an e-Cub seems like ta no-brainer. The Honda Super Cub is already the best-selling motor vehicle on earth with over 100 million built and 62 years of production. This is the logical evolution for the Super Cub, which would futureproof the bike for generations to come. Honda even recently brought the Super Cub and Monkey back to the US market, which bodes well for our access to the EV Cub if it makes it to production.

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2 Responses to BIKES: Honda patent for electric Super Cub discovered

  1. Definitely not Alf says:

    Holla, it’s ‘bout to get GANGSTA up in dis mudda!

  2. dankan says:

    Ok, not the most flashy of things, but an EV Super Cub seems like the biggest no-brainer for Honda. Future-proofing the most popular powered-transportation device ever created seems like a pretty easy move. Plus, I’m sure Japan Post will buy the first million for fleet use, so they’ve got a guaranteed customer.

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