BIKES: Honda is selling a retro CB1100 RS cafe racer

To mark the 50th anniversary of the game-changing CB750, also known as the world’s first superbike, Honda UK is selling a limited run of retro motorcycles based off the CB750’s successor, the CB1100 RS. Only 54 of the cafe racer-inspired bikes will be made, and they include some very cool custom touches.

The most noticeable addition is the aluminum nosecone reminiscent of 1950s and 1960s racing bikes. The tailpiece is also aluminum and the two-butt seat has been replaced with a single saddle. Low handlebars, shortened brake levers, and billet mirrors seats the rider in more of a racing position.

According to Guy Willison of 5Four Motorcycles who designed and built the bikes, custom cams should add some performance, although how much is not stated. Finally, the blue and white stripe over red paint hearkens back to Honda’s old endurance racers, complete with an old school wing logo.

Also, it’s rather cool that Honda is partnering with small shops like 5Four to build small, highly custom productions runs. For those interested in one of these custom CB1100 RS bikes, they can be ordered directly from UK Honda dealers.

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2 Responses to BIKES: Honda is selling a retro CB1100 RS cafe racer

  1. Spirit Road says:

    Super cool!

  2. John montagna says:

    Nice when and how much are they going to ask and what I’ll they be available here in USA or just teasing us

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