Big Gallery of Airborne Nostalgics

One of our favorite recent threads has been “J-tin Raced in Anger” by JNCer Drew_TSi_Si_STi. From there we collected a subset of nostalgics that have briefly managed to divorce themselves from planet earth. Hang on tight, brace yourself for a busted spine and click through for more pics!

Another Celica, catching major air.

How ’bout a box-type Lancer?

Subaru FF-1.

Datsun 160J.

Yet another Celica.

An older Lancer, the 1600 GSR coming in for a landing.

Starion, on a road race course!

And last but not least, yesterday’s Pajero.

Check out the rest the rest, and if you have some, post ’em up! Speaking of which, many readers still have questions about how to post photos so here’s a link to our handy-dandy picture posting tutorial.

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13 Responses to Big Gallery of Airborne Nostalgics

  1. ProTree says:

    that starion looks dope

  2. Ed says:

    Datsun 510 Bluebird?


  3. Dax L. says:

    Cool!!! those mitsus flying…

  4. BlownArrow says:

    That picture of the red Celica is soo bad ass!

    I’m soo doing that with my Arrow!

  5. zulu says:

    sweet 2 of my celica photos made it on here ! “thumbs up”

  6. Ben says:

    yeah, thanks for those, zulu! I totally saved them onto my computer ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. blue72 says:

    I was expecting Nakajima or Tachikawa fighters. Still pretty awesome though. Not every day you get to see flying Celica’s.

  8. DRock19 says:

    Does anybody know where to find off road rally performance parts for a 79 280zx?

  9. argel says:

    Wow! I love that orangy boxie lancer!

  10. Tai says:

    Wow. Zero travel on the starion!

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