Beauteous Brown Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste wows 2013 Geneva Motor Show

Mitsubishi Celeste Geneva Motor Show 2013 02

By dint of being held in a European country known primarily as a tax haven, the Geneva Motor Show is where the latest Paganis and limited edition Lamborghinis are unveiled to the world’s Bond villains. However, this year Mitsubishi surprised everyone by cold dropping a bone stock Lancer Celeste on the party. 

Mitsubishi Celeste Geneva Motor Show 2013 03

According to RanWhenParked, this 1977 model had only 91,000km (56,000 miles) on the odometer and was likely owned by a Swiss Mitsu importer. When spectraflame pink Range Rovers become the playthings of the nouveau riche, it takes a classic brown JNC with plaid-on-white upholstery to show ’em how classy is done.

[Images: RanWhenParked]

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8 Responses to Beauteous Brown Mitsubishi Lancer Celeste wows 2013 Geneva Motor Show

  1. jivecom says:

    and he’s going to get eighteen trafic offences driving out of geneva because his car is too brown or something ridiculous

    • jivecom says:

      “Do you know why I stopped you sir?”
      “Uh no not really this time.”
      “Your old car is running too well. why did you not have it shipped here like everyone else? You are terrorizing our nation’s streets, and frankly, you are a MENACE. I am issuing you a 10% income fine each for disturbing the peace and endangering the elderly.”

  2. GTtwin says:

    Mitsubishi Celeste?

    C’mon mate, to us Aussies, that’s a Chrysler Lancer.

  3. Firebird says:

    In the USA, the car was known as the Plymouth Arrow.

  4. Nakazoto says:

    I saw one of these in white at the Mitsubishi Auto Gallery. I was surprised at how much of a difference the super slim smiley bumpers makes for the whole car’s appeal as opposed to the park benches on the Plymouth Arrow model.

    Also, probably one of my favorite 1970s Japanese car names.

  5. senyaw53 says:

    I own one. An AUS Lancer, not quite the same Poo brown couler but very similar. Very proud to see one in such classy surounds.

  6. ewokracing says:

    Always wanted one, but they seem to have all disappeared from Victorian roads sometime around 1999-ish.

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