Baby Toyota Land Cruiser rumored to arrive next year

Since last fall there have been rumblings of a baby Land Cruiser joining the Toyota lineup, a vehicle said to be called a “Jimny killer” internally. A new report out of Japan suggests that, whatever it’s called, the public could see it as early as next year. And, unlike the FJ40-inspired Compact Cruiser electric concept, it’ll be gasoline-powered.

As reported by Best Car, the mini Cruiser will be built upon a true ladder-frame chassis shared with the $10,000 IMV 0 pickup. The wheelbase is reportedly going to measure 108 inches, with the overall length, width, and height coming in at 177 x 72 x 73 inches. That makes it about the size of the Corolla Cross. For comparison, the FJ Cruiser was 184 x 75 x 72 inches.

Under the hood will be a 2.7-liter inline-four making 161 horsepower and 182 lb-ft of torque. The estimated starting price, according to the article, is ¥3.5 million, or about $22,700 at today’s exchange rates. Of course, there’s no word on whether it will actually be sold in the US, though it would probably sell like hotcakes if it did.

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10 Responses to Baby Toyota Land Cruiser rumored to arrive next year

  1. Alan says:

    As long as it has genuine off-road chops, this sounds like a good development too me. Let’s hope so, as I’d hate to see the LC brand degenerate the way the Range Rover nameplate has.

    Oh yeah, fingers crossed they sell it here in the States! A manual transmission would be cool, too.

  2. John Fickes says:

    Compare the clean lines of the old baby LC with the junked up, Lego-like design above. Can’t leave well-enough alone.

  3. Mike shugart says:

    I would buy

  4. Hennie says:

    I agree on as long as ithas genuine off-road ability. The front is acceptable, The rear top side panel might create challenges with visibility in challenging off-road reverse scenarios. If the price is right I will buy. Hope it will come to South Africa.

  5. Devote DeGhetto says:

    Most defiantly will buy this for sure.

  6. CycoPablo says:

    It’s a class bigger than the Suzuki — almost a metre longer and 1200cc bigger engine.
    The Jimny will beat it on price, and for some people this will be the clincher.

  7. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    I went into the Suzuki dealer in Iceland last month to buy an Icelandic Suzuki dealer plate. While we were admiring a Jimny on the showroom, the dealer lamented that it was the very last Jimny available in Iceland due to Euro Emission standards. He, as we, were sad to see such a perfect vehicle for the Icelandic roads to disappear. I believe the side impact standards were what kept it out in the U.S.I know I’m not “the market”, but I am so discouraged by the lack of smaller vehicles, particularly in EV’s. What is the purpose of an EV Hummer? “Of course, there’s no word on whether it will actually be sold in the US, though it would probably sell like hotcakes if it did.” I hope you are right & it comes true…

  8. Joanne says:

    I’m hoping it will be available in the UK, would definitely consider it, seeing as Suzuki Jimny now only make the LCV with no back seats. I would much prefer a Toyota.

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