Awesomeness Lurks at the Swiss Toyota Museum

It’s been a while since we checked into the Swiss Toyota Museum, but this photo from their newsletter that recently landed in our inbox makes us want to pack our bags and high-tail it to the Alps. Here is a list of their cars and more photos await below the fold.

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4 Responses to Awesomeness Lurks at the Swiss Toyota Museum

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    nice new collections!

  2. banpei says:

    Nice extension to the collection! 🙂

    Reminds me to share some photos I shot at the Louwman museum last Friday. Will do that on the forum tonight. 😉

  3. Brooks says:

    Yeah, okay, so those cars are nice 😉 but that first photograph is pure art. Any chance of getting it in a wallpaper size?

  4. Ben says:

    Sorry, it’s the largest we could find. Maybe the museum has the full size one?

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