Adorable Mazda Miata slippers are a fun last-minute holiday gift

Looking for a last-minute holiday gift idea? These Mazda Miata slippers seem like an ideal way to keep your feet warm during the cold months. Who wouldn’t want to go sliding around their floors with a pair of NA MX-5s while their clutch and gas pedal pushers are ensconced in plush versions of the best-selling roadster of all time?

We like automotive-themed gifts when they’re somehow tied into the essence of the real car itself and not just, say, a photo of the car slapped on a water bottle. The Miata is the perfect car to slipper-ize, as they’re convertibles to begin with, so the presence of a yawning black foot receptacle doesn’t really disrupt the visual of the car itself.

Also, the Miata is an adorable car, especially with its pop-up headlights raised, and slippers are supposed to be fun and cute. These are at least as kawaii as bunny slippers. We have no idea if these things actually keep your feet warm, or if you’ll be tripping all over yourself in them, but the idea is cool. Also, if Classic Red isn’t your jam, they’re available in Mariner Blue too. We’d love to see a Honda S-car version or, for the fancy, perhaps a Lexus SC430. If you’d like to buy a pair of the Miatas, they’re made by Autoplush and cost $54.90 before shipping and taxes.

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