Auto Classica: Oldschool Nissan Meets High End Luxe


A few weeks ago we profiled Tokyo Hakosuka tuner Victory50. But Japan has quite a few Hakosuka/Old Nissan tuners as you would expect, and a particularly notable one is Auto Classica.

Located in Yokohama, Auto Classica is decked out like a high-end home stereo store, complete with cafe.

And they’d give Cafe GT-R a run for its money too, if the menu stretched to more than just a selection of coffees and beer.


200_p1070401.JPG 200_p1070403.JPG

But you can’t complain about the surroundings!


Parts shelves clean enough to eat off…they are, predictably a little more expensive than the same items at Victory50 however.


Some very tasty items in their showroom….restored KPGC10 GT-R (yes the real thing) for Y15mil (A$160,000).


Another KPGC10 GT-R for Y13mil (A$140,000).



Plain-jane 2000GT 4 door (ie, non-GT-R, regular L-series engine) fully restored, for Y3.1mil (A$33,000) rolling on Campagnolos.


Awesome cars, great setting….and check out their race car!


It’s a little expensive, but it does reflect the fact that Hakosukas are highly desireable, high-end indulgences. And let’s face it….if you won the lottery today, tomorrow Auto Classica is where you would be.

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