At least the Mazda Miata will be forever

Mazda’s all-SUV lineup might be demoralizing to some, but there is hope. They still make the Miata and, according to Mazda execs, the Miata will exist as long as the company does. It may not always have four cylinders or a purely gasoline engine, but it will continue to bring driving joy to the masses in one form or another.

The quote comes from Mazda Europe’s CEO, Martijn ten Brink, who recently spoke to Autocar:

“How do you stay true to the concept of what the car stands for taking it into the next generation of technologies?” he said, when asked about plans for the next MX-5. “That’s not been decided. But I think for Mazda it would be fair to say that the MX-5 will never die.”

“I think it will continue to exist forever and it will have to go with the times. That’s a super challenge, and people are passionate about this car in Mazda.”

Not only that, but late 2023 MX-5s will be updated to comply with Europe’s new safety regulations. The same rules are expected to kill other fun cars like the Toyota GR86 and Alpine A110 in the European market starting in 2024.

It’s been speculated that the current ND Miata will last to about 2025, with the next-generation NE Miata being a hybrid. There was also the seemingly electric Mazda Vision Study Model concept that combined elements of the Miata with the RX-7. An e-Miata is something the EV marketplace desperately needs. Just because a car is electric doesn’t mean it has to have numb steering and handling.

No matter what, Mazda wants to ensure that owners of gasoline Miatas will continue to be able to enjoy their cars. That’s why the company is researching synthetic fuels, according to managing executive officer Takeji Kojima. 

Let’s hope these plans don’t change.

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  1. Sigerson says:

    Next Miata will be labelled NG, as NE and NF are already taken (and tossed) for FIAT 124 and Abarth Spider.

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