ART CORNER: The least resilient Land Cruisers you’ll ever see

Toyota FJ55 Land Cruiser PaperCraft

Yesterday we saw Toyota FJ40s fetching some high prices at the recent Arizona auctions. These, on the other hand, are the cheapest Land Cruisers you’ll ever encounter. They’re also some of most easily destructible ones too, as they’re made completely out of paper.

PaperCruiser FJ45 Land Cruiser

Did you know there was an entire website devoted to papercraft Land Cruisers? We didn’t, until our search for Toyota trucks costing less than 60 large led us to Jesse Smith‘s wonderful site of origami off-roaders. After creating all manner of classic Crusiers, he’s since expanded to many rare trucks including, awesomely, a Jeep FC-150, FJ Cruiser, and Mitsubishi Fuso box truck. They’re downloadable for a price over at

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5 Responses to ART CORNER: The least resilient Land Cruisers you’ll ever see

  1. Nigel says:

    The great thing about these, is when you upgrade. Just print, cut and paste.
    (Chassis bracing can be done with cardboard).

  2. Fej says:

    At least they won’t rust….

  3. Tyler says:

    Fantastic. I was gonna make the rust joke too!

    There used to be a Japanese site that had cartoon papercraft cars. They looked like ChoroQ’s and offered anything from Italian exotics to kietora. I only made a mango and Saab C900 before the site disappeared though. Anybody know if it got re-hosted?


    • Dave says:

      Oh yeah I remember those. The site went down a long time ago, but luckily I saved pretty much everything before they went away =P They were really fun and pretty easy and quick to make. I made a bunch and put them on my dashboard for a while.

      • Tyler says:

        Awesome! Mind emailing me the files? Or I can send you a blank CD in a self addressed envelope 🙂 Shoot me a PM… screen name is Sven7. Thanks in advance!

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