ART CORNER: The illustrations of U井T吾

U井T吾 Nissan Violet Rally

For this installment of JNC‘s Art Corner, we feature another artist from Japan. U井T吾, 27, is a Kyoto-based artist whose day job is in character design for board games and social gaming. Fortunately for us, he’s also an enthusiast of old Japanese cars and bikes, which he renders beautifully in a very Japanese manga-like style.

In his off time, U井T吾 plays with motorcycles, and that enthusiasm is reflected in many of his drawings. We particularly love the Honda SuperCub 50 in action, which looks like a scene from a Miyazaki film. He is also a friend of previous Art Corner artist San Mamiya.


Off-road and rally racers, like the Nissan Violet in the lead pic, are another recurring theme. Though the Suzuki Jimny and Mitsubishi Pajero Mini are favorite compact off-roaders in Japan, his art isn’t limited to J-tin. There’s an Alpine A110 and even a shoutout to the Kyosho Turbo Scorpion, one of the most famous radio controlled dirt-kickers of all time.

U井T吾’s latest acquisition is a 360cc Honda Life, similar to the beige one shown above. Race-modified kei cars are another running theme in his art. We particularly dig the bumper-less Subaru R-2.

Plus, any artist that can draw a beautiful Datsun Cherry Cab has a special place in our hearts. You can follow U井T吾 at his Twitter account.

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9 Responses to ART CORNER: The illustrations of U井T吾

  1. XRaider927 says:

    kawaii :3

  2. Bobby says:

    Very cool illustrations! I can’t choose a favorite. Maybe the Mazda Carol..?..followed by the Alpine and the Pajero Mini.

  3. donnie baker says:

    that is so cool swear to god it is!

  4. Censport says:

    Great stuff. I wonder if he’s influenced by Kōsuke Fujishima. The drawing of the Datsun Cherry Cab is very similar in feel to Fujishima’s wonderful You’re Under Arrest series.

  5. Nakazoto says:

    Super cute! I always love seeing an artist who loves cars.

  6. Negishi no Keibajo says:

    Looks like I made a wrong turn and wound up in Akihabara! Cool illustrations.

  7. Ben Hsu says:

    Great article, Ricky. Thanks for reaching out to him!

  8. Union76 says:

    Love the PA10 – LZ20 Power!!! Looks great.

  9. Sean says:

    Looks like he might be a sneakerhead too judging by the Jordan 4 Cavs that one girl is wearing on the Honda Squash

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