ART CORNER: Ease your quarantine blues with an official Mazda coloring book

Automakers continue to find new ways to help us deal with being stuck at home during the coronavirus outbreak. Mazda’s latest scheme to help us kill some time is a downloadable coloring book that features seven of their landmark cars.

The coloring set is part of Mazda’s 100th anniversary celebrations this year. Mazda has  been releasing a few pages at a time, so there could be more down the road. The cars are Japan-centric, so while there isn’t an RX-7 (yet), there is a fifth-generation Familia (323), which one Japan Car of the Year when it debuted.

In any case, it’s still fun to break out the crayons on, say, the 787B and use blaze through the green and orange like your life depended on it. We couldn’t find a central page to direct you to, so there’s a list of links to each page below.

Type-DA 3-wheel truck
R360 Coupé
Cosmo Sport
BD Familia
Eunos Roadster NA
Mazda 3

The carmakers have provided many ways to spend your coronavirus days. Mazda has also offered papercraft and free car servicing to health care workers. Nissan has offered a virtual museum tour and their own coloring book. Toyota has their own papercraft as well, while Isuzu and Daihatsu have offered virtual tours of their museums. Enjoy!

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