ART CORNER: Make your own Mazda Cosmo Sport


Corporate reports are the best! Said pretty much no one. Imagine our delight then when we found some cool and fun stuff as part of the latest Sustainability Report from Mazda: a make-your-own paper craft lineup.

Mazda has released paper crafts of the ND Roadster and other cars from its current lineup for a while now. You can download the PDF and color the cars however you’d like for printing. Zone out for some meticulous cutting, folding, and glueing, and voilà, you got yourself a free customized model. With this year’s Sustainability Report, Mazda also released a paper craft model of the series 1 Cosmo Sport.


Paper craft is a prominent and important part of Japanese culture. As such, this effort is part of Mazda’s social contribution initiatives in its home country. Besides providing material pro bono over the web, Mazda has also set up paper craft activity stations for kids at various automotive events in Japan. The rest of us also benefit by getting a taste of a popular cultural activity and a neat little model for our desks.


Other bits from the Sustainability Report of interest to JNC fans include a behind-the-scenes photo of the stunning RX-VISION as well as a nicely-illustrated timeline of Mazda history.


You can download the Cosmo Sport and other Mazda paper craft models with instructions in either Japanese or English. Have fun!

Photo credit Mazda.

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5 Responses to ART CORNER: Make your own Mazda Cosmo Sport

  1. Jon says:

    No Furai!? Booooooo!

  2. Iwakuni91 says:

    There’s dope and then there’s dope. This? 3X Dope!

  3. Nathan says:

    One of these (or more) is definitely making it’s way to my desk at work.

  4. Andre says:

    Check out the 1/9-scale paper craft N360 @ (also provided are the instructions for a whopping 1/1-scale N-One).

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