ART CORNER: Khyzyl Saleem’s bosozoku future

Khyzyl Saleem Toyota Celica Phantom

The cars Khyzyl Saleem draws seem to ask the question, “What if Mad Max took place in the dystopian future of Blade Runner?” Neon-lit cityscapes, heavily modified cars, and a substantial dose of Japan-influenced tuning styles combine to form an incredible imagined world. 

Khyzyl Saleem Mazda RX7 FC3SSaleem is a concept artist at Electronic Arts, publisher of the Need for Speed video game franchise and the website Speedhunters, so the inspiration drawn from the likes of Rauh Welt Begriff, Rocket Bunny and Liberty Walk is obvious.

Khyzyl Saleem Toyota Corolla Levin AE86 CoupeMassive riveted flares, extreme aero effects and external oil coolers are a recurring theme.

Khyzyl Saleem BMW 635CSi BosozokuHe even applies the aesthetic to non-Japanese cars like this BMW 635 CSi.

Khyzyl Saleem Toyota 2000GT

If this were done to a real Toyota 2000GT, it would be blasphemy. In Saleem’s world, it is awesome instead.

Khyzyl Saleem Datsun 240Z

All we know is, if these illustrations and cars were part of a video game that looked like this, we’d play it. A reboot of Road Blasters, anyone?

Khyzyl Saleem Nissan Skyline R34 GTR Khyzyl Saleem Nissan Silvia S15Khyzyl Saleem Toyota 2000GT 02 Khyzyl Saleem 1969 CorvetteKhyzyl Saleem Ferrari Dino Khyzyl Saleem Mercedes 300SLKhyzyl Saleem Mazda MX5 NB Khyzyl Saleem 1969 Camaro Khyzyl Saleem Datsun 240Z Khyzyl Saleem Acura NSX Khyzyl Saleem Nissan 350Z Khyzyl Saleem BMW E30 Khyzyl Saleem BMW E36

To see more of Khyzyl Saleem’s illustrations, check out his page on ArtStation.

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9 Responses to ART CORNER: Khyzyl Saleem’s bosozoku future

  1. Sedanlover says:

    Holy shit this is the best automotive artwork I have ever laid my eyes on.

    Pure genius.

    It does beg the question though, if more 2000GT’s were readily available would it not be just incredible to see this style achieved in real life?

    I can see that insane bodykit/wheel combo grafted onto a S30 Zed though, right…. right!

    Thank you once again Ben for sharing this stuff.

  2. Nigel says:

    The FC, the Miata and that Vette…Holy crap. (Akira meets Mad Max !!!)

  3. Nakazoto says:

    I had his DeTomaso Pantera Back to the Future time machine as my desktop for about a year. His artwork is top notch!

  4. wantyerknobbies says:

    paradise future sans lifted f250s & black suburbans with limo tint

  5. Bill says:

    Put them all in a futuristic Tokyo Extreme Racer!!!

  6. Adam says:

    I’d just LOOOVE to hear EA Games pretentious, patronizing corporate “WE speak” regarding this guy!

    I can imagine it’d go something like this:

    “WE at EA Games have consciously decided to sandbag our artistic development in the name of a mitigated and reasonably-paced corporate environment. An environment where we’ll simultaneously exploit and under-utilize the unquestionable talent within our ranks to provide you with the optimum, mediocre and expected gaming experience.”

    I hope Khyzyl gets MASSIVE exposure from his work and blows the doors off our collective imaginations in the future!

  7. Louis Fong says:

    That 2000GT though.. Shut up and take my money!

  8. TheGreg says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this artist…amazing work!!!

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