MINICARS: Japanese Nostalgic Legos

Lego Toyota Celica TA22 2

Apparently, building JNCs out of Legos is a thing. After stumbling upon a Toyota Celica built by -Kyusha-, we fell down the rabbit hole and discovered an entire subculture of nostalgics made of plastic blocks. Here are some of our favorites.

Lego Honda Civic EF

Honda Civic by by LegoMarat.

Lego Toyota Celica TA22 1

Toyota Celica by Tim Inman (via LugNuts).


Datsun 620 by AadenH.

Lego Toyota Corolla AE86

Toyota AE86 Corolla by AadenH.

Lego Datsun 510 BRE

BRE Datsun 510 by Infraredbrick.

Lego Honda N360

Honda N360 by Gilcélio.


Lego Toyota Tarago Van

Toyota Van by Peter Blackert (via LugNuts).

Lego Mazda RX-7

Mazda RX-7 by Senator Chinchilla (via The Lego Car Blog).

Lego Datsun 510

Datsun 510 by Infraredbrick.

Lego Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser

Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 by danielzayac.

Lego Mazda RX-3

Mazda RX-3 by lego911.

Lego Toyota Corolla AE86 Trueno

Toyota AE86 Sprinter Trueno by Peter Blackert (via LugNuts).

Lego Toyota Corolla AE82 FX16

Toyota Corolla FX-16 by Peter Blackert (via LugNuts).

Lego Isuzu 117

Isuzu 117 by -Kyusha-.

Lego Toyota Celica LB Group 5

Toyota Celica LB Group 5 by Malte Dorowski.

Lego-Nissan-Silvia-CSP311 (1)

Nissan Silvia CSP311 by lego911.


Nissan Skyline KPGC10 by Dylan Denton (via LugNuts).

Lego Mazda Cosmo Sport

Mazda Cosmo Sport by Roland Kirpis.

Lego Toyota 2000GT

Toyota 2000GT by Peter Blackert (via LugNuts).

Lego Honda RA272 F1

1965 Honda RA272 by Biczzz.

Lego bosozoku

And last but not least, no gallery of Japanese cars would be complete with out a zokusha. This one’s by Chris Rozek. Now perhaps if you have some time to kill over the holidays you can dig your set from the attic and do some bricklaying of your own.

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4 Responses to MINICARS: Japanese Nostalgic Legos

  1. kylezone says:

    I thought that black 510 was a prince skyline at first. these are amazing!

  2. Nigel says:

    Very cool, like looking at JNC’s in “Atari 2600 graphics”.

  3. Kyusha says:

    Hey, those look familiar…

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