ART CORNER: Build a classic Honda N360 and life-sized N-One kei car out of paper

Honda N-One papercraft

Those familiar with Japanese culture have likely encountered the art of papercraft. You may have even built a paper car or truck yourself. But we know you’re secretly wondering what would happen if some insane origami craftsmen built an entire full-size car out of paper.

Honda recently did just that with their retro-styled Honda N-One, a modern kei car we like so much that we even test drove one. Inspired by the N360 of the 70s, it’s one of the few Honda designs to draw heavily from the company’s past. Epson also built a life-sized Honda NSX GT car a few years ago.

And here’s what happens when you have to tear it down.

Honda N360 papercraft

If you’d like to build your own papercraft N-One or N360, just follow this link to Honda’s website to download. These are not your average papercraft. They’re extremely detailed and relatively huge in 1:9 scale.

You can even download the 1:1 scale PDF of the N-One, and if you had a large enough printer you could conceivably scale up the sheets to put an N360 in your living room alongside it. If any of you readers are crazy enough to do this, send us a pic and we’ll give you a prize.

Thanks to Mike F. for the tip!

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12 Responses to ART CORNER: Build a classic Honda N360 and life-sized N-One kei car out of paper

  1. Nigel says:

    Fold tab A & glue to part C. I think I will stay with plastic models.
    (Pretty cool though).

  2. Andrewzuku says:

    Ooh, if you like papercraft, what about pixel cars?

    Here’s one of the N360 that you can rotate and re-colour…
    Honda N360 Pixel Car

    • angelo says:

      Hey! I know you, you’re the guy that makes old-school pixel cars on PCA! It’s nice seeing you here… By the way, that app is awesome! I hope you could make more 🙂

  3. Nakazoto says:

    I have a sudden urge to print out (what I imagine to be) 200+ A3 size sheets, trace them onto a ton of cardboard and build myself a 1:1 N-One. Honda is even kind enough to supply the 1:1 pdf on that page!

  4. goki says:

    i’m so tempted to do this!

  5. goki says:

    has access to 10 foot printer 😉

  6. GamblerZ says:

    Paper? Meh. Now Legos. THAT would be something.


  7. Kuroneko says:

    Side Bar – Driving to work this week I was passed by an N-One with the N360 front sticker. I nearly choked on my onigiri. It looked pretty neat! The driver saw my looks, and gave me a big wave.

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