ART CORNER: Oh look, someone already digitally modified a Toyota S-FR

Toyota S-FR Zero

Here’s a Toyota S-FR photoshopped with a Zero theme, some better airflow, and gunmetal Wats. It was sent to us by a fan that shall remain nameless because he works for a car company that is not Toyota. Let’s hope the S-FR sees production so this can become a reality.

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7 Responses to ART CORNER: Oh look, someone already digitally modified a Toyota S-FR

  1. Daniel guzman says:

    Ooohhh boy…looks so real and factory ready for the masses.
    Collect call for Mr Toyoda? I lost the number…

  2. XRaider927 says:

    well….that escalated quickly…but nice work whoever did this 🙂

  3. alvin says:

    Designer D…I knew you could come up with better things then the IDX! Well done! This is rad!

    • DesignerD says:

      Ha, sorry Alvin, I’m a Nissan guy through and through, though they do say great minds think alike. And I like this thing! All praise to the Toyota boys!

      • alvin says:

        I am Nissan guy too DesignerD. Please help Nissan return to the simple things. The others have been doing it first, ie FR-S/Miata.

        What are your design impressions of this S-FR?

        • DesignerD says:

          If I can, I will, I’m always sketching “what-ifs” so you never know! As for this, well, the specs mean it should be awesome! Overall, i like it a lot, but there’s a few little things that I would have done differently… that’s always the case. I would like to see it in silver though to fully see the volumes. The fluro yellow is cool and all, but you just get a sense of too much surface in some areas where I guess there’s actually a lot of well controlled volumes. My biggest concern is the rear deck height and curvature and how it relates with the belt line (the break between window and body). It’s so short and round in volume from the rear fender that it could loo off. Other than that, the section treatment and detailing in the intake area / rear diffuser feels a little lacking of technical elements to warrant such a large graphic mass, but I’m more than sure Toyota and some of the aftermarket running companies have grand ideas for a more aggressive treatment and inserts. I’d buy one, but I’d have to convince my wife and try not to get in trouble for not buying a Nissan!

  4. ya_boy_yeti says:

    Seriously I want to take this up Azusa Canyon or Glendora MR.

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